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Is there only “The One” for you?

Are the dynamics between love and sex clear?

How evolutionary mechanisms of mating systems apply to us…


Sex is the biggest force in nature (besides gravity) – it is the sole purpose of every organism on Earth… and we are no exception!

Ever since Darwin developed his fundamental theories of sexual selection, there has been a plethora of research and evidence across the animal kingdom on mating systems and the mechanisms by which they evolve – but what about us?

Traditionally 85% of humans are considered to be polygamous, and theory supports this based on maximising multiple reproductive benefits for both sexes, similar to the rest of our polygynous clade. Yet we are bombarded by social and cultural influences to find the perfect monogamous “dyadic love” – so which is it? Does it even apply to us? It is this controversial relationship between our “nature vs nurture”  that interact to form our human mating systems – what I find so fascinating to research!


Three’s a crowd? Well maybe it isn’t!

Homosexuality across nature…

Can all animals be gay?

Is there a cause for homosexuality?

Do evolutionary theories of sexuality apply

to non-heterosexuality?


We live in a very heterosexual dominant world. Whenever we think of sex, sexuality, people, animals etc., the automatic default is male + female. Evolutionary biology is victim to this way of thinking, since it centres around reproduction, as the vehicle for evolution to works it magic.

Homosexuality has only really been considered as a human phenomenon. However, the laws of nature and the universe apply to all life, so logically we need to broaden our perspectives. My ambition is to open our eyes to the truly wide spectrum of love and sexual interactions, eradicating prejudices that sex, love, people, animals, all life confirm to only one way of living.

This is a field of science which is incredibly under researched, yet with immensely important social, cultural and global implications.

These fascinating questions are part of a larger project which I hope to work on (along with Daniel) that is currently searching for funds to get up and running!



Homosexuality is found in hundreds of species,

Homophobia is only found in one,

Which one seems unnatural now?

University of Lincoln, UK

Laboratory of Evolutionary Ecology of Adaptations


As a current member of LEEA research group, I am actively involved in collaborations that span a diversity of areas in evolutionary biology and ecology, with a primary focus on the study of selection as a driver of adaptations.


Current Research

  • Redefining theory of adaptive radiation.
  • Macroecology of protected areas in conservation, using Penguins.
  • The ecological and climatic drivers of variation in geographic range sizes. using Liolaemus lizards.
  • Spatial and bioclimatic macroecology of factors that drive, maintain and predict the geographic distributions of species, both in space and time.

More information on LEEA website 


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