What does Evolution have to do with Sex?

Let’s start at the beginning…

Charles Darwin (1854)

Charles Darwin (1854)

Way back in 1859 Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species, where he introduced the theory where populations evolve over generations by natural selection, survival of the fittest. This revolutionary theory redefined everything man knew about planet! … the flood gates were open…

One thing Darwin realised was that many species evolved features (traits) which were obviously costly. Not only does it require extensive amounts of energy and resource to grow huge antlers every year, but it also makes organisms lives extremely difficult! Can you imagine being a peacock and carrying around that huge elaborate tail? Being a big shiny colourful target for predators? Constantly burdened as “most likely to die next”… so if only the best and fittest survive; why do these handicapped species evolve?…



Sexual selection works on the principle that traits evolve to attract a mate, or defend off a rival, so individuals can successfully reproduce offspring, maximising their reproductive success. These successful individuals that possess these “sexy” traits are mostly the ones passing on their genes to subsequent generations, this how selection operates and what makes the world go round!

sperm and egg

All life exists to reproduce

Fighting for sex

Animals will fight to the death just to gain the opportunity for sex!.. some will even sacrifice their own lives just for this chance to reproduce.





There is no denying that sex is the gravitational force of nature! …. and in the eyes of evolution we humans are no exception to the strength of sex. I will show you this through upcoming posts – so stay tuned!



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